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English Is The Main Language For Business

BritishEnglish.TV Will Help With All Your Business English & We Will Coach You To Be Confident When Speaking English.



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Unfortunately, we do not spend enough time reading. What is even more important is that when we read we do not know the perfect pronunciation of the words unless you have a qualified English teacher with you.


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The writing skill is quite important. Having a good level of writing does not mean the student can speak fluently. This requires a teacher from BritishEnglish.TV to help him/her to speak out-loud what you have written.


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The listening skill is probably the most difficult one to develop for the student. For this reason, a teacher with a clear and neat English accent is required, as well as lots of listening practice, which we can provide.


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Speaking being the most important aspect of the language requires time, dedication and more importantly, a good teacher. We teach The Perfect British English which is well understood worldwide.

Speaking Is The Most Important Aspect Of The English Language

Having the ability to speak “The Perfect British English” allows you to be understood clearly and respected more.

  • Job Interviews – When undertasking a job interview today, most, if not all companies require that you have a certified level of English, such as: Cambridge English: First Certificate, Proficiency (CPE) etc, also TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language and much more.
  • Presentations – All international companies require that you are able to present in English.
  • Meeting – You are expected by most companies to speak in your native language and also in English whilst holding or attending a meeting.
  • Conference Meeting – Having an internal conference call meeting can be quite difficult to face. However, with a good level of Speaking & Listening in English, you will have no issue at all.
  • Teaching – All business teachers are required to speak exceptional English in their given teaching field.
  • Business Phone Class – All international companies require that you have the appropriate phone etiquette, more importantly when speaking in English.
  • Management – As a senior or manager at an international company, you are required to speak Good English, not only for your fellow colleges but also for your new collaborative opportunities.
  • Collaborative English – Regardless of your position within a national/international company, at one given moment, you will need English for your professional work.
  • Technical English – At present, the need for GOOD technical English is required in national & international companies.

“Jazz Loyal (BE.TV Lead Teacher) is the kind of instructor that if cloned, would solve language instruction world-wide.”

Jim Novack – CEO Dynatec SL

BritishEnglish.TV really focuses on speaking which is great, as we really need to improve the speaking abilities in Spain. I really can say that this is the Perfect British English, it is so clear and accurate! In my opinion, this is how English should be spoken.
Cris Pedraza, English Philologist (22 Years Experience)
I must admit that the English taught at BritishEnglish.TV is not just English. They provide all the essential vocabulary for Business, Technology, Marketing, Engineering etc. They teach you how to be confident when speaking, which for me is really important.
Luis Ruiz Lobato, English Philologist / English Teacher (17 Years Experience)
Let me say something. If you really want to improve your English, you really need to have classes with Jazz. I work within the area of marketing and business, and I have learnt all the good vocabulary needed for marketing and business. Thanks Jazz
Ziro Arche, Even Organiser / Marketing

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